Fabiola Mora Cruz grew up in Jalisco, Mexico, as the youngest shy observer in a very large happy family,  surrounded by special characters full of drama and comedy. Famo began expressing herself drawing under the house tables wich her mother treasures till today. Her father as a colector and traveler, owned loads of interesting books with pictures from all around the world, full of art and strange cultures that caused Famo to wonder and pursue her dreams.  She has always seen the beauty of things around chaos and multitudes, she learned anatomical and behavioural complexities and understood well all the connections within all universe.  By age 16 she was offered her first formal job as an Art Teacher in The Asis Institute of Guadalajara, an intriguing nun convent, where she taught Cartoonistic and Drawing Art for High School, she gained then great confidence as her students were almost the same age. Famo also sold her art on t-shirts for special events, made logos and worked cartooning and illustrating for magazines and newspapers.  Her world started to move fast. By the age of 18, Fabiola had the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom to study English and to produce and sell her art.  She lived in England and traveled to Europe for 4 years and did a few private exhibitions where she succeeds in selling her art.  Then, she moved to Australia. Famo lived there for 5 years where she joined a small circus and traveled around The Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea.  Making Illustrations cartoons and paintings with the local aborigines and Islanders. After her experience in the isolated islands, Famo decided to go back to the shock of society going to Tokyo, Japan, where she taught Art, English, and Spanish for 5 years, she also met interesting artists in Japan, whom she supported in artistic projects, exhibitions settings, and co-creations to end having her own studio's exhibition. Fabiola traveled intensively and developed a special passion for life and art. Famo, in general, is open to any project at any time, she experienced, side work painting, drawing, making murals, cartooning, and designing in general. Her work has always been loved and appreciated for the uniqueness and particular use of dualism in all meanings. Famo hardly took care of registering or photographing many of her work as it wasn't so popular then. Her work was exhibited and quickly sold.  Before she left Japan, Famo had her last private exhibition in her home in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan Just for her private students and friends. 

Famo admires always the dedication and creativity of other artists and craft people and collaborates adding her distinct perspective.  Famo's creativity, comedy, and quiet character will provide a sense of positivism in any project and people will be enchanted by it.  Fabiola learned a great variety of styles and old techniques of painting from talented people next door and some of the most famous Mexican painters. 

Famo lives in South Florida with her Son Ichiro.